Only 12% of the reforms do in houses to rent

The most sued work is the reform of the bath followed of the one of the cookery
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Places to reform, prefer to reform the house in which we live that that that rent to others. Only 12% of the reforms that make are in houses to rent. According to a studio elaborated by the company, the integral reforms equivalen to 18% of the works made, with a half price of 29.000 euros. The most sued works are the reform of the bath, especially the change of bath by dish of shower, with half price of 2.500 euros, followed of the reform of the cookery, that situates in the 4.200 euros. Those that have had a main increase in the demand from 2010 are the placing of parquet or soil laminado (+90%) and the restructuring demolishing septums (+70%) of the house. 

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